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CONGRATULATIONS TO CRAIG –  MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR….again!  (13 Time Winner, with most recent wins in 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010).



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CRAIG is honored to be named spokesperson for foodtweeks, a cool new concept of tracking calories and then donating those “calories” to feed a hungry family!  Foodtweeks is founded by Jay Walker, of Priceline.

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How easy is that?

So, PLEASE, join me in OUR fight against hunger – PLEASE download the APP today, and, TOGETHER, WE, can do our part in TAKING THE BITE OUT OF HUNGER!

If you use the special Promo Code “EMBERS”, you can DOUBLE your donation.

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AND – here’s an added bonus…...While feeding the hungry, YOU could win a FREE Cruise with Craig & the Embers, sailing to Belize, Costa Maya, Roatan, and Grand Cayeman Islands in 2015!  YOU get rewarded for doing something good – “Calories for Good”!

Each time you download the APP and enter ‘EMBERS” promo code, you are entered in the raffle to win!

You can download the FREE app on your cell phone or your IPAD – or BOTH if you have them. At NO COST TO YOU!



Please vista our SPONSOR PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION. (see navigator at top of page).


On a sad note, The CWB lost a great friend and musician….Jeppy White.

Jeppy is remembered the most for his big smile. So, in memory of Jeppy….  Make someone smile whenever you can. You never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment, for a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!

So, smile BIG!  JEPPY is watching!

We love you Jeppy, and miss you terribly… Rest in peace, my friend.

With Love, Craig


** Exciting News Flash! **

I am so pleased, and yes, sad at the same time, to make this announcement….

I have been blessed with a new opportunity and a new adventure that I am sure you all will embrace, so let me share the excitement….

March 2014, the Craig Woolard Band merged with The Embers Band!  (PLEASE… continue to read my thank yous and goodbyes to the CWB…)

Yes, you read that right!  MERGED!

I have returned to the Embers, a band where I spent most of my adult life and musical career (over 27 years)! Our 2 bands have joined forces, and our businesses has merged.  So, nothing will really change – it will still be the music and performance you saw with the CRAIG WOOLARD BAND.

The NEW band will be…The Embers, featuring CRAIG WOOLARD!


Our office will continue to be open if would like to book the NEW band.

Feel free to call Debbie @ 919 815-6128.

 We will still be your contact on any bookings currently with CWB, and nothing really will change.  

** It is our goal to maintain business as usual, and honor our contracts in place as best we can.  

Members of the CWB that will also be joining are, Andy Swindell on keys, (also a former member of the Embers), Bob Nantz on trombone/trumpet, and Breeze will be running our lights and filling in from time to time on drums! NO, Bobby is NOT retiring! He still has a lot of time left, and as Breeze says, respectfully “it would take me 50 years to get to accomplish what Bobby Tomlinson has! I am just happy to be here to learn, and maybe some of the success will rub off on me!”

All music and shows that I have done in the past will be incorporated with the Embers, so, no worries there!  If you liked the show with The Craig Woolard Band, I assure you, you will like what we bring to the new band  - The Embers, featuring Craig Woolard!

Please stay tuned as new and exciting developments and projects are announced! The positive comments have been overwhelming, so I thank you all for that!

 I look forward to continued events with our beach music family and friends, and to making new memories with you.


“The Heartbeat of the Embers is back!

How special. GOD’S GRACE….been thinking about how BIG of a heart Craig has…his ability to forgive…is truly a biblical lesson that I & many will learn from….makes tears flow..tears of joy…just like promised…the harvest will be plentiful….rewards will be great…his faith, his bible study, all have allowed him to be his brothers keeper…

The Embers could not be in better hands….

No doubt, God has a plan, purpose, & future for

The Embers featuring CRAIG WOOLARD… the  Heartbeat of the Embers...Amen!

Proud to be a CRAIG WOOLARD fan, & blessed to be a friend!”

DB, 3-22-14


Now for the hard part….saying good bye to the CWB….

To the CWB fans and family….

To our fans and everyone that has supported us, played our music, followed us, cruised with us, screamed for us, cried with us, sang along with us, and have traveled this journey for the past 10 years and loved us….I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And, yes, this new venture is exciting and rewarding, especially at this time in my life, but I can’t deny that it has been an extremely difficult decision to make.

I would not be here today if it were not for all of YOU.

Friends and fans like you are priceless – I am a very rich man!

I hope you will continue this journey with me, for the new and exciting things are in store for us all!


To the DJs, the clubs, the radio and internet stations, the music stores, the booking agents, the SHAG CLUBS, the CBMA, the clubs and the promoters, fellow bands, and MY SPONSORS…

 You have been my lifeline.

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me throughout the years, even when I had nothing to offer but my mini van filled with a makeshift PA and borrowed mics and stands.

You believed in me and gave me a chance, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

You supported me, both financially and spiritually. I am a very blessed man.

The CWB band members….

I have been blessed with some of the very BEST musicians and people in this industry.  The Craig Woolard Band has been my baby, my child – my salvation – for 10 years.

And that means a hell of a lot to me.

These guys, past and present, have been my friends and family. They will always have a special place in my heart, for without them, I would not be here today.  It pains me to have to break up the band, and if I could take them all with me, I would. I will never forget any of these guys, or the special part they played in my life, both personally and professionally.

I once said, “ Sometimes loyalty and brotherhood are more important than talent.”

I have been blessed to have had both with these guys.


To the CWB members

I thank you all from the bottom of my soul.  I thank you for your loyalty, your dedication, your hard work, and your talent.  I thank you for the part that each and every one of you played in making the CRAIG WOOLARD BAND the success it is today…..”the BEST damn group of musicians in the industry!”

Guys, please know this was not an easy decision to make. I have to do what I feel is best for my family at this time in my life. Both Debbie and I spent hours agonizing over this decision, because we knew our decision affects more than just us and our family.  But we feel there is a plan for us and we have to put our faith in that plan.

Thank you to all of you for your graciousness and understanding, and your heartfelt good wishes and blessings.

It pains me to say goodbye to The Craig Woolard Band…the name may be gone, but the memories and the music will still be there forever!

I love you guys.  May God be with you and bless you on your journey as well. If I could take everyone with me, I would.

It’s a great opportunity for me, but at the same time, bittersweet. You guys and The CWB have been my life for the past ten years….

Friends, fans, and colleagues like you ALL are priceless – again, I am a very rich man!

Thank you to the living God, for His wisdom and His guidance, and for His plan, for without him in my life, none of this would mean anything.




** It is our goal to maintain business as usual, and honor our contracts in place.  

** If you have a question or a concern about your current booking, please call Debbie @ 919 815-6128.  



** News Flash! **



WOO! is #1 (12 weeks) (CWB’S latest Single & Hit)





LOVE DON’T COME NO STRONGER – #1 (Won “Song of the Year)






NOTE:  EVERY song on our “COME GET TO THIS” CD, charted in the top 10, with 6 being #1 songs!



CWB has received 5 Awards at the 2012 CBMA awards.                                                                                                                                                                                                   



BLUES SONG –                          ”HARLEM SHUFFLE”

LIVE PRODUCTION –             Alan Wentz

INSTRUMENTALIST –            Adam Barber

ALSO, Nominated  for:

EVENT OF THE YEAR –          2012  Making Waves Cruise with CWB

ENTERTAINER –                     CRAIG WOOLARD



NOTE:   Be sure and JOIN the CBMA so you can VOTE.  Your favorites cannot win if you do not VOTE!

The deadline to vote is OCTOBER, 2013!

The Craig Woolard Band 


The Craig Woolard Band wows their audience with one of the most diverse repertoires and original crowd participation shows in the industry. It is no wonder they have become one of the most highly recommended and sought after bands for Weddings and Private Parties, Corporate events, Concerts, and Festivals all over the southeastern United States.

Woolard’s classy and riveting stage presence offers audiences non -stop entertainment. With his distinctive vocal style, he continually delivers the tunes just the way the crowd loves them.

And what soul!!! You WILL be amazed at this man!

As for Woolard’s new band, The Craig Woolard Band, they are the “hottest band this side of the Mississippi!”  Their first year out in 2005, they were honored as ‘GROUP OF THE YEAR”, while Craig and the band walked away with ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR, MALE VOCALIST, BEST SMOOTHIE, and SONG OF THE YEAR. The band is always energetic, spontaneous and fresh!

Their arrangements are exciting and ever so danceable. Of course, The Craig Woolard Band is the master of SOUL, MOTOWN, & BEACH MUSIC, but the band also does a vast variety of music to include R&B, CLASSIC ROCK, a little COUNTRY, and ROCK & ROLL, Songs from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, TOP 40, plus Party and Dance Music  - from  THE  TEMPATIONS  to THE FOUR TOPS, ROD STEWART to JOURNEY,  RAY CHARLES & OTIS REDDING,  SAM COOK to MICHAEL BLUBLE, RAY LAMONTANGE to BLACK EYE PEAS – all ages and all styles can be covered; from 2- 92, they all love him!

All shows with THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND are  100% live – LIVE MUSICIANS  playing WITHOUT the aid of backing vocal tracks, MIDI sequencing or pre-recorded music tracks.  CWB is one of the few bands in the area that is comprised of highly skilled and multi-talented musicians who have a passion for all styles of music, but more importantly, are ABLE to bring awesome LIVE  TALENT to every performance.

But what really separates The CWB from other Carolina-based “beach” groups?

The phenomenal front man, Craig Woolard, that’s what!

Craig is, without a doubt, recognized as one of the finest singer-entertainers to ever hit the stage. Craig constantly works the crowd with his witty personality, relentless energy, unique finesse, and powerful voice. His ability to read the audience and give them just what they want is unsurpassed.

“Craig Woolard has raised the bar for performers – You know you have been entertained when the crowd begs for more!”                                                                                                      Peter Carpenter, CBMA President

And now he can bring his incredible showmanship to YOUR event!

For more information and TO BOOK THE BAND, CONTACT

or call 919.233.9622 (OFFICE)

What you WANT is what you GET with The Craig Woolard Band”!

But, What IS Beach Music? (according to Craig)

For me, and many musicians in this area, it is a living (most of the time)! But seriously, what is beach music?  Ummm….. It’s the music that when you hear it, you immediately recognize it – it makes you want to get up and dance!  It’s that feel-good music that makes you want to forget about all your problems and just have a good time. It’s a party!  And for those of us lucky enough to have grown up with beach music, it’s a memory – that special time and special someone you met at the beach…It’s the music you heard on the jukebox at the Jolly Knave or by one of the many bands at OD in Myrtle Beach and The Pavilion. It’s the music that takes us back to the good times when things were simple.

The bands may have changed a little, some of the clubs are gone, but the music is still here. It’s a collection of R&B, Soul, a little disco, or even some R&R – basically, if you can shag to it, it’s Beach Music!!!

Many see it as a local phenomenon, something uniquely Southern, and maybe even a little Carolinian – Beach Music is OURS!

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance!”

Hope you enjoy the music – see you on the dance floor!



** SPECIAL THANK YOU  from the  WATSON FAMILY -  for all you love & support with the benefit for their daughter Gina- please click on to the  TESTIMONIAL PAGE  for details…

**** News Flash from the Pres. of  CBMA ***


(Deadline is Sept. 15th!)

It’s time to join so you can vote for your favorites for the 2013 CBMA Awards. You can now join online by clicking at to join with Credit Card. You can also download the forms from the  Academy Page on the website and fill them out and mail or fax in with Check or CC info and become a member and get all the discounts. You’re crazy not to join as you save mega bucks by being a member during CBMA weekend.



Thanks for supporting Carolina Beach Music,

Peter D. Carpenter- President
Cammy Awards, Inc.
Carolina Beach Music Awards


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