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Alan Wentz


KILLER Sound man for The CWB!

Alan, as a small child, grew up listening to 8 tracks and albums which belonged to his uncle  – Artist such as Chicago, EWF, ACDC, The Isley Bros, Parliment, etc.  His mother, on the other hand, listened to country. Alan would lie on the floor of the living room with a speaker on each side of his head, like headphones, crank it up and stay there for hours.  Thus, I guess, his love for music of any kind evolved. Still to this day Allan likes to listen to Classical, R&R, R&B, Bluegrass, Heavy Metal, and, yes, even a little BEACH MUSIC every now and then (ha!ha!)

In school Alan played trumpet from 3rd grade through 11th grade, but, as with every young man of his age,  girls and partying became more important! (Alan (Quote)   –  “I am a dummy, I know!”)

At the age of 14, he started hanging out with friends that were in a band. At 15, he became intrigued with the sound board, learning all about the workings of a sound system.  He was hooked!   By late teens, Alan had mastered the board and was mixing for a R&R band in the Lincolnton/ Hickory area.

By 1990, the equipment bug hit him.  Alan began working with a R&R, Heavy Metal band (thus the hair!).   He did this for a few years, spending most of his money buying more and more equipment.   Yes, he was now a true member of the music industry, since it is not the music that identifies you as a musician, but the price of your toys!

In 1992-93, it paid off and he landed a gig mixing for a 3 piece blues band from the Hickory/ Charlotte area,  PROJECT BLUE.

At this point he had started AW PRODUCTIONS,  and by mid 1990’s, he was doing sound for many different bands, as well as  Project Blue.

While operating AW Productions, Alan provided sound and mixed for, Ronnie McDowell , David Allen Coe, Georgia Satellites , and many heavy metal bands you have never heard of.

As a freelance soundman he mixed for Doc Watson, Tony Rice, and many other great bluegrass players whose names he can’t seem to remember.

In 1999, Alan left the music business for a ” REAL JOB” and did that for 5 years, but was very unhappy. After 5 years he was fired and went back to what he loved –  music.

He worked with L&N Productions for 6 months, was hired by Big John Thompson for a year, then joined The Catalinas.   After 3 years, Alan decided to leave the band and was once again a free agent.  So, that’s how he ended up with The CWB, and, after 5  plus years, here he still is.

After joining THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND, Alan settled down and met a beautiful young lady from Russia.  He worked very hard for over a year to get her to the US.  I guess he got the bug since The CWB is so family oriented. (Glad it rubbed off on you Alan!) Now they are married, and are living blissfully in Shallotte, NC.  Alan also has a beautiful daughter, Caroline, a baby granddaughter, and a teenage son, Gavin, who seems to be following in his footsteps in the music business.  Gavin worked with his dad and THE CWB over the summer. It was his goal to play a Journey song on stage with the band before he had to go back to school.  HE NAILED IT!  You can only imagine the proud look on his dad’s face!

The CWB is blessed to have Alan Wentz as a member of the Craig Woolard Band family.