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The Story of the Yellow Butterflies

In 2004, Craig and his former band parted ways – and Craig went on to a new adventure.

There is a story about the Butterfly that is very special to us that fits perfectly into the “birth”of the new band – The Craig Woolard Band. We’d like to share it with you:

One day in particular when Craig was performing for a huge concert at Ocean Drive (Fun Monday). It was not a good day for him. Rumors were flying all over the beach that this was Craig’s last day with the Embers, even though he was not aware of it.. Problems were very present in his professional life.

The day before, Debbie ahd been at Topsail Beach and notice a swam of butterflies around her deck.  On her trip to NMB, it seemed they were following her there.  She called Craig and told him about this amazing thing.  He said, I cannot believe this, but I see them too.  They are all around me.

At the concert at Fun Monday, again, they were surrounded by these yellow butterflies. Everywhere they went that day, we saw these yellow butterflies. A very special friend in the crowd saw them too. She called us over and said: “There are yellow butterflies all around you – you are going to be all right!” It was the strangest thing. We had never noticed yellow butterflies before. It was a rather upsetting day, but when she said that, a calming peace came over us. Later that year she explained their meaning.

The Butterfly is a powerful symbol, both in religion and folklore.

Some see the Yellow Butterflies as angels watching over you.


Butterflies have always represented the “spiritual journey” and symbolize the “soul” during “self-transformation”.

When we shed our “cocoons and limitations”, we are able to spread our wings and discover we are “not afraid to fly”.

“What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world… The butterfly sees as only a beginning.

And thus….


was born!