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Don Jordan

Guitar & Vocals

Don was born in 1963. He began to play guitar at the age of 13 and from day one he knew it was something he would do for the rest of his life. He first started out by playing bluegrass and country – “real country” as Don would say. He then played southern gospel music for a while in a quartet that his father sang in.  As high school approached, he was given an electric guitar and, of course, rock soon followed. After high school, he was old enough to get into clubs. That was when Don got his first taste of “Carolina Beach Music”. He was a regular at the beach clubs in the early 80s watching what the bands would do and” soaking it up like a sponge”.

In October of 1994, Don’s mother, Dot Jordan, passed away from breast cancer, leaving a huge hole in his life. A month or so later, Don was asked to join The Embers. For him, this was a dream come true, and to this day he treasures the friends and memories he made during his time there. It was during this time that he and Craig became really good friends. He, of course, had known Craig for years before that, but playing together really helped to forge a bond that has lasted all this time.   Don left the group about a year later on good terms to spend time with his family. Sadly, in October of 2004, his dad and hero, Bob Jordan died suddenly from a heart attack. Then, eight months later, his sister Debbie was told that she had a brain tumor and passed away a week later. Don misses his family everyday and gives them full credit for supporting everything he did in life, especially his music.

On a brighter note, he is happily married to his wife Beth and has two stepdaughters that he loves, Brooke and Amy. For the past 13 years, he had his own band named Southbound. He also owned a production company and has worked with countless national acts. In may of 2008, Don went to see the CWB in Greensboro and do some catching up with Craig. While he was there, Craig asked him to sit in with the band. It was like old times all over again. It just clicked. Don played with the band most of the summer and in August he was asked to join the family. He wasted no time in saying yes. In his own words Don says, “ I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be in this group. The guys are so talented and have treated me so kind. I thank God daily for all I have and the chance to play with Craig again and be a member of the CWB”.