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Lady Soul

Originally known as “Johnnie’s Girls”, the three beautiful sisters singing back up with the CWB are Katha, Sal, and Mattie. (We call them “sisters”, not only because of their soulful song, but because they truly are sisters!). “Lady Soul” lyrical exposure spans from 1950’s Doo-Wop era to today’s Neo-soul. Born in Northeastern North Carolina, they grew up singing in the church choir with their mother as lead vocalist. When their voices matured to produce seemingly effortless four part harmony, They began showcasing their talent on the road during their fathers preaching engagements. Years later, Inspired, encouraged and then promoted by other gospel music performers, the girls formed their own group. By the mid 1980’s, they opened the stage for such legendary gospel greats as The Gospel Keynotes, The Pilgrim Jubilee, Reverend F.C. Barnes ( and sons), and Jackson Southernaires. Suffering the tragic death of the fourth sister, the group disbanded in 1988, chosing to return to their singing roots–their home church choirs. In recent years, they have performed as a group only by special request, often providing background vocals for other touring artists.

Invited by the band’s bass player, they provided backup for Percy Sledge, as part of Craig Woolards house band at The 2004 Concert of Legends this past September. They accompanied Craig and the band at SOS Fall Migration Fun Monday, also lending vocal support to Clifford Curry, Casey York, and Roy Roberts.

Their raw vocal styling combined with a universal look and classy stage presence enticed the ear while creating an exceptional backdrop for the eye during each performance. Since then,they have charmed and dazzled the crowds during various appearances with The CWB, including the bands trip to The Route 66 MotherRoad Festival in Springfield Illionois and the recent Cammy Awards Weekend shows at the OD Beach Resort and Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach. . Johnnie’s Girls are proud to be part of The CWB family and Thank the Beach Music Community for such a warm welcome. (special love to Frank for the remembering in the past and to Craig for believing in a future). At 2001 this fall, after the incredible concert at FUN MONDAY, Craig was so overwhelmed by the music, he changed the name of the girls to “LADY SOUL” !

We are proud and blessed to add “LADY SOUL” to the CWB family whenever we can!

Please Note:  Lady Soul performs with The CWB by special request.