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Congratulations to Craig – Male Vocalist of the Year – 13 times!

CONGRATULATIONS to the CRAIG WOOLARD BAND for receiving 5 awards at the 2012 CBMA Awards Show at the Alabama Theatre, as well as more in 2013 and 2014!




BLUES SONG                           HARLEM SHUFFLE


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2005 CBMA Group of the Year!

“Multi – Award Winning Legend & Hit Maker….

The Birth of The Band

The year 2004 was a year of changes. After being the lead-singer/showman and partner with his former band, The Embers, for almost his entire adult life (over 27 years), Craig suddenly became “band-less”. A less than kind departure left Craig in a scarey place. Fortunately for him, however, he was blessed to be surrounded by good people- really good friends & colleagues who were there for him, giving him the very much needed support and encouragement during this unexpected crossroads in his life.

Literally, having no means of income, friends and colleagues offered a hand.  Their kindness and support was overwhelming.  Bands offered to let Craig sit in with them, giving him the opportunity to find his way. Their support, both financial and emotional, is what gave us our strength and faith, that this too, would pass. It is true-“what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”. (A special thanks from Craig  to David Hicks and Keith Houston of  The Band of Oz, Jim Quick & Coastline, The Fabulous Expressions, and other industry leaders for inviting me to sit in with your bands during this time of transition).

Then, one day in February, a fellow musician called our house. He too, was now a “free agent”, and always had enormous respect and admiration for Craig –for both Craig’s talent and for him as a person. A couple of years previously, Craig had tried to make it right when this guy’s band was bumped off a major concert to give more time to Craig’s former band. At that moment, this particular musician/singer knew that this was a man whom he hoped one day to be fortunate enough to share the stage with. So, literally, day after day….after day… after day….this person called our house. And even though Craig could not offer him anything, because he, too, was struggling to figure out how he was going to pay the bills, send his son to college, and so forth. Putting himself and his problems aside for a while, Craig began doing what he could to spread the word about this singer.

But what this musician really wanted was to be in a band with Craig. He remembered what his daddy had said….“Son, keep on trying for what you want until you know the door is closed.” Once again, this person called our house and said, “Craig, I want so much to work with you that another “x-man” guitar player and I have gotten a group of guys together who feel the same as we do- we want to prove to you that we ought to be your new band. Ironically, his timing couldn’t have been better because Craig was starting to get some bookings-even though he didn’t even have a band. Wow! Talk about people having faith in you and believing in you. It’s been absolutely amazing.

Plus, to add to the mix, Craig’s son, “little Craig”, or Craig Michael, was having a fundraiser at his fraternity at UNCW. They needed entertainment, and of course, had no money. This group of guys offered to play for them for free, hoping to convince Craig they should be his new band. Craig was flabbergasted. These guys even contacted Fred Rouse, and said, “Fred, we need a place to play to prove to Craig that we are his new band”. Fred got behind it, promoted it on his radio show, and booked them at Joel’s Place in Wilmington. Hence, the birth of . . .

The Craig Woolard Band

T.G. Rich of the ever-so-popular Triangle Beach Music Festival, had also booked Craig on blind faith and his reputation. He graciously allowed the band to make their triumphant debut at the biggest and baddest beachmusic concert of them all this past April, and has already booked them for next year. Way to go guys!

It’s been difficult. But we are doing it, “with a little help from our friends…!”



With the classic style of Ray Charles, the dynamics of Marvin Gaye and Rod Stewart, the Soul of James Brown, the vocal prowess of Steve Perry of Journey, combined with the passion of Sam Cook and Michael McDonald, you have “The Soul Man of Beach Music”, Craig Woolard.

As the ambassador of Beach Music, Woolard has enjoyed a stellar career as the front man of one of Carolina’s premiere bands, the Embers. After 27 years with his former group. Woolard has taken on a new persona in what is claimed to be the South’s number one Beach Music, R&B, Top 40, Motown, 70’s & 80’s, and Rock & Roll Party Band….Craig Woolard is The Real Thing!

The Craig Woolard Band wows their audience with one of the most diverse repertoires and original crowd participation shows in the industry. It is no wonder they have become one of the most highly recommended and sought after bands for weddings, private and corporate events, concerts, and festivals in the southeastern United States.

Woolard’s classy and riveting stage presence offers audiences non -stop entertainment. With his distinctive vocal style, he continually delivers the tunes just the way the crowd loves them. And what soul!!! You WILL be amazed at this man!

As for Woolard’s new band, The Craig Woolard Band, they are the “hottest band this side of the Mississippi! Their first year out in 2005, they were honored as ‘GROUP OF THE YEAR” , while Craig walked away with Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist, Best Smoothie Song, and Song of the Year. Their arrangements are exciting and ever so danceable. And of course, one may think “The Shag” and “Beach Music’ were invented just for them. (The band does a variety of music so all ages and styles can be covered –

“What you WANT is what you GET with The Craig Woolard Band”.

All shows with THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND are 100% live – without the aid of pre-recorded music tracks, background vocal tracks, or MIDI sequencing – 100% LIVE.  Period. CWB is one of the few bands in the area that is comprised of highly skilled and multi-talented musicians who have a passion for all styles of music, but more importantly, are ABLE to bring awesome LIVE TALENT to every performance.

But what really separates The CWB from other Carolina-based “beach” groups?

The phenomenal front man, Craig Woolard, that’s what! Craig is, without a doubt, recognized as one of the finest singer-entertainers to ever hit the stage. Craig constantly works the crowd with his witty personality and powerful voice. And now he can bring his incredible showmanship to YOUR event!

As a hit maker, Craig Woolard has several signature tunes. “ What You Do To Me”, andGeorgia”, to name a few. He has had FOURTEEN #1 songs – more than any group in this industry. Their new CD, “Making Waves” went to #1 within weeks of its release. Their # 1 Hit Song “I’ve Got A Feeling” won SONG OF THE YEAR in 2006. His music and performances continuously amaze the crowds. His other CDs have been met with the same success.

As a highlight in his career, Craig was invited to sing the National Anthem at the Darlington 500 in front of 120,000 NASCAR fans; it was aired on Foxx TV for millions. Comments from promoters were, “ it was the most soulful, best rendition of the National Anthem I have ever heard”; “It gave me chills!” “ It brought tears to my eyes”.

If you want a band with high energy, charisma, a variety of music, and unsurpassed showmanship, then it’s simple – you want The Craig Woolard Band!