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Craig Woolard Band
Main Street People
Released Fall 2009
Track Listing:
1. Your Love Is Amazing
2. Soulful Kind of Love
3. I’m In Love With The Girl Next Door
4. Love Sweet Love
5. No More Cloudy Days
6. Impossible – featuring Steve Cropper
7. Just Got Started Lovin’ You
8. Who’s Cheating Who
9. Hound Dog
10. Somewhere, Somebody
11. Beachaholic
12. Thank You Pretty Baby
13. Main Street People
Bonus Song
14. Farewell My Summer Love by Craig Michael

Craig Woolard Band
“Come Get To This”
Released Fall 2007

1. River of Love
2. What You Gave Me
3. Money Honey
4. I Can’t Dance
5. I Couln’t Believe It
6. On The Beach
7. Hopelessly in Love
8. Every Time You Cry
9. The Coast Is Clear
10. Bet You’ll Never Be Sorry
11. Color Away
12. Come Get To This
*13. Save Room For My Love
by CJ (Craig Michael Woolard)

Craig Woolard Band
Making Waves
1. I’ve Got A Feeling (mp3 sample)
2. Don’t Stop (mp3 sample)
3. One Drop Of Love (mp3 sample)
4. Dixie Moon (mp3 sample)
5. Love Comes Knockin’ (mp3 sample)
6. If There’s A Tear (mp3 sample)
7. Till The Day After (mp3 sample)
8. The Way You Love Me (mp3 sample)
9. Never Found A Girl (mp3 sample)
10. Jam (mp3 sample)
11. It Doesn’t Get Better (mp3 sample)
12. Hey There Lonely Girl (mp3 sample)
13. I’ll Be Alright (mp3 sample)

Totally Beach For The Kids
Released January 2005

Track Listing:
1. Love Don’t Come No Stronger- Craig Woolard
(mp3 sample)
2. New Old Songs- Coastline Band
3. Gone Fishin’ – Charmen of the Board
4. Easy Comin’ Out – William Bell
5. Is The Magic Still There – Gary Brown
6. Party ‘Till The Lights Go Out – The Hardway Connection
7. Dixie Moon – Mark Roberts
8. Untie Me – The Tams
9. I’m Man Enough – The Holiday Band
10. I Slipped – Roy Roberts
11. What We Gonna Do About That – Casey York

The Best of The Cammy Awards: 1995-19921. Love Don’t Come No Stronger (Live)- Craig Woolard (mp3 sample)
2. Baby Say Yes- Sea Cruz
3. My Kind of Girl- Billy Scott
4. Shama Lama Ding Dong- Band of Oz
5. Shotgun Boogie- Holiday Band
6. Shakin’ the Shack- The Fantastic Shakers
7. Only You Will Do- Second Nature
8. Trickle Trickle- Breeze Band
9. It Won’t Be This Way Always- Men of Distinction
10. It’s Gonna Rain- The Coastline Band
11. Hold On to Your Promise- Rickey Godfrey
12. That’s Summertime to Me- Gary Brown, Johnny Barker,JD Cash & Craig Woolard (mp3 sample)
13. Savannah in the Rain- Griff
14. Soothe Me- Gary Bass
15. Finders Keepers- Terri Gore
16. Cruisin’- Marsha Hancock & Craig Woolard (mp3 sample)
17. Return to Sender- DK Davis
18. A Summer Place- JD Cash
19. That’s Summertime to Me- Dale Van Horn

Going Back To Morehead City
Released on ForeverMore Records

1. Only Love Can Mend a Broken Heart- Susan Trexler
2. I Wanna Make Love to You- Jay Proctor
3. Just Like We Never Said Goodbye- Russell Thompkins, Jr.
4. Eye Ballin’- Legendary Dukes
5. Jimmy Reed Medley- Showvinistics
6. Tribute to Junior- Louie Lupo & The Swaggers
7.Baby, I’m Calling You Now- Terri Gore (featuring Russell Thompkins, Jr.)
8. What Am I Gonna Do Without You Craig Woolard
(mp3 sample)
9. My Unknown Love- Jackie Gore
10. My Life is So Wonderful- Softones
11. Miss Grace- Smitty Smoothe Band
12. Lounge Lizard- Danny & The Juniors
13. The Night is Long- Brian Lindsay
14. Rock and Roll Heaven (Beach Music Heaven)- Sammy O’Banion & Kenny “Duke” Earl

BEACH PARTY 21. Dream Lover- Rita Angelucci
2. When You Come Back to Me- Casey
3. Timeless- Paul Craver
4. Like the Rain- Fabulous Jelly Rolls
5. Can’t Change My Heart- Rickey Godfrey Band
6. Wahtusi- Magnificent Men
7. Loving My Baby- Memphis All-Stars
8. I Like the Music- Men of Soul
9. Love Don’t Grow On a Love Tree- Sea Cruz
10. If I Don’t Say So Myself- Second Nature
11. Going Back to Carolina- Smith No Luggage
12. Itch- Mike Stewart
13. Heartache Tonight- Big John Thompson
14. Tired of Pulling This Train- Donnie Trexler
15. Cruisin’- Craig Woolard & Marsha Hancock (mp3 sample)

This is Beach Music Vol. II

1. Seven Chances- Legendary Dukes
2. Love Don’t Come No Stronger (Than Yours and Mine)- Craig Woolard (mp3 sample)
3. Nip Sip- Susan Trexler & Big John Ruth
4. Concrete Jungle- Jackie Gore & The Tams
5. Zippity Doo Dah- Danny & The Juniors
6. Maybe Baby- Shovinistics
7. Dreamlove Mistreated- Softones
8. Stay a Little Longer- Terri Gore
9. What’s a Matter Baby- Jay Proctor
10. Fools Fall in Love (In a Hurry)- Bob Meyer
11. What’s Wrong With You- Michael Wayne Deese
12. Don’t Change Your Pretty Ways- Hank Ballard
13. I’m Forgettin’ About You- Roy Milton
14. Young Love- Susan Trexler
15. Memphis Style- Joe Swank
16. That’s Alright- Steve Smith & the Nakeds

120 Soul Street 1. Til the Day After-Craig Woolard
2. Back That Thang Up -Tyrone Davis
3. Chasin’ Dreams -North Tower
4. No One Loves You Better Than Me -The Rickey Godfrey Band
5. Nine Times a Man -Wilson Pickett
6. One Step -Casey York w/The Main Event Band
7. Something Smooth -Rick Strickland
8. TLC -The Batson and Chase Band
9. I Slipped -Roy Roberts
10. Lovin’ On Ocean Drive -Tim Cashion
11. Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool Ya -Still Cruzin
12. Wrong When I’m Right -The Main Event Band
13. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy -The Flashbacks
14. Summer Girl -Goldrush Band
15. Slowburn -Johnny Cobb & Donna Vallance
16. La Di Da -The Holiday Band


Craig & Gerald Hinton – I’ll Meet You In The Middle

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