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CWB returns from the 2nd annual Making Waves Cruise

What a great time we had

“Making Waves” on our

2nd Annual Making Waves Cruise


Cozumel, Mexico.

Out to Sea with THE CWB

Were YOU there?

I send out a very special “Thank You”

to our sponsors,


(with DJ Ray Scott)



And of course, our great hostess


We missed Judy. She had to have back surgery Monday before we left. But Liz and Brenda stood in and didn’t miss a beat. The cell phone charges back to the mainland might be a little expensive, but Judy wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time! The truth is, she was dying to be with us and wanted to know all the scoop!

She’ll be with us in 2009 though!

ALL ABOUT TRAVEL did a fantastic job once again, coordinating all our events and insuring we were taken care of properly. And believe me, we WERE! Carnival was very gracious to us, and the service could not have been better. That’s why we travel with Carnival! We have our own PRIVATE club, and I mean CLUB – not a banquet room – fully equipped with bar and wait staff, stage, lights, a large dance floor, and generous seating. It is state of the art and smoke free – and it’s ALL OURS!!!! Many people in the bar/lounge area outside were dying to come in and join the fun. But we promise you a PRIVATE PARTY with THE CWB. We also had 2 complimentary Cocktail parties, one hosted by

94.9 The Surf and Fat Harold

Last year the boat was great, but this year it was even better. The ship, the crew, the food – yes, the FOOD….and club were fantastic, and I do believe everyone had the best time yet!

We had been on this boat once before, but it was completely remodeled. WOW! What a beautiful ship! And you should have seen the water slide they added on the top deck! It was 2 levels high, and had one section with 2 slides side by side so you could race. I will let Keith (Salvadore) tell you all about that – I think he lived on it with his daughter Maggie. Actually, Maggie was just the excuse for him to ride. I saw him there even WITHOUT his little girl.

The CWB kids had a great time as always. Carly, Alex and Logan thought they owned the ship as usual (and Mexico, too, for that matter). Salem and Victoria enjoyed the beautiful beach in Cozumel, and Maggie swam with the Dolphins.

The whole island is surrounded by one continuous beach with a white sandy shoreline. It is truly a paradise.

We are so blessed to be able to take our families on the cruise.

It becomes our vacation for us since our schedule is so crazy.

And it’s great a chance for us to spend time together, as well as with our fans.

The crowd of Beach Music “Cruisers’ just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This group was much bigger than last year, and sold out again.

I never ate so much GOOD food in all my life!

I think I ate 5 times a day!!

And the chocolate-melty cake….

But breakfast was my all time favorite.

Breakfast at home is just not the same!

And a special thanks to Mike and Becky – “2005 CBMA Fans of the Year” for making this their debut cruise with us – I’ve Got a Feeling We’ll Be Seeing Them again next cruise….

There were a lot of birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and even a couple that got engaged (says something for the peaceful swaying of the boat when out to sea…!)

There were “Cruisers” in our group from Texas, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and even one couple from Ohio that we met last year.

We met some people on the boat from Pennsylvania that saw my Fat Harold’s t-shirt, and came up to me to tell me how much they loved OD and Fat Harold’s!

It is indeed a small world.

There was a group of 30 airline stewardesses that just LOVED our music at the pool party. From what they tell us, they will be with US next year!

You would have been really proud, people. When we played for the entire ship on the last day, the whole

boat was rocking –from the music, not the waves! Most of these people did not know us at all, and certainly did not know our music. But, man, they LOVED it!

They were very impressed with our shaggers too!

Our cruise director brought a lot of the staff to see us. I looked up there one time and they were all singing along with us.

Then I looked again, and was a little disappointed to not see her anymore. I thought, oh well, I guess she had seen enough. But she was right back – she had gone to call for the ship’s photographer to come and take pictures of the crowd, and the fun time we were all having!

It was truly awesome!

After that, people on the ship – staff included – actually recognized us and said – “hey – that was the guys singing at the pool today! Love the music!”

Our DJ’s, Chad Sain and Ray Scott, were as always, a class act, and I was honored for The CWB to be a part of such a great event with these incredible DJs. Ray has been with us from the very first cruise, and I know why – he knows how to make you have a party! In fact, we won’t have a cruise without Ray!

Although there were A LOT of good times on the boat, to me, the deck party was the highlight of the trip – it was rockin’ (literally)!

You just HAD to BE THERE!

I promised to tell you about Cozumel, specifically at Carlos and Charlie’s where they film “Girls Gone Wild”!

Well, they need to change it to “Shaggers Gone Wild!”

Yes, Chad, Ray, our Lumberton and MB friends, and a full posse of others took my son Craig Jr! He asked if his mom and dad would mind NOT going like last time, since he is over 21 now…but we said NO!!!!!

We came too!

Chad had his daughter Brittany and her friend there, so his behavior was a little better than normal. It was Britt’s 18th birthday, so we had to teach her the proper way to have a good time! Harvey and Mr. Harold made sure everyone was “taken care of”, though I must admit, Bill was the hit of the day. Ask Rose about his apron!! Ray said he had to keep Rose and Charlene 25 FT. away from each other at Carlos & Charlie’s – well – HE DID!!!! You’ll have to ask him how! (Hint – refer to the apron!).

Sunny Beach from the SUNNY BEACH SHOW, and her husband Freddy of 94.9 The Surf, have some pictures – but, sorry you won’t be seeing them – I will have to pay her a LOT of money to delete them!

(Inside story – you will just have to come next year and find out for yourself!!!)

Sam and Andy had a REALLY good time watching everyone – and I had fun watching them watch!

All I can say in public is that, yes, Craig Jr. (CJ) and Alan did make it back on board (even though it was at the very LAST minute and somebody tried to board the wrong Carnival ship! I was a little nervous by then to say the least), and NO, no one was arrested.

Debbie happened to looking out over the balcony at the sunset though and got a little scare. A small boat was racing after the ship because somebody DID miss the boat. It was no one from our camp though, thank goodness!

Debbie and I were suffering from acute bronchitis and laryngitis the entire time, but there’s something to be said for that clean sea air and warm sunshine. Or maybe it was those drinks with the little umbrellas! I don’t know, I just had a great time!!


The rest you will just have to find out for yourself by going there with us next year!!

Mr. William, proprietor of THE LIGHTHOUSE in Rocky Mount, NC, generously donated a FREE CRUISE for 2. He held a Christmas/Cruise Give-Away Party at The Lighthouse in December, where Dawn, one of our fans from Plymouth, NC, was the lucky winner! She brought her sister with her. It was her sister’s birthday, so I would say that was one heck of a birthday present!! Wonder what Dawn will be getting for HER next birthday…..!!!! Let’s see – I see a cruise with The CWB in her future! We had the pleasure of sitting at the table with the 2 lovely young ladies.

We were a little worried that Alan would be sad and missing his new friend. For those of you that do not know, Alan recently went to Russia – yes, I said Russia. Siberia, to be exact. He had hoped she could join us on the cruise, but it didn’t work out this time, so he was a little down. And although he was very loyal to his new relationship the whole time, he got to let loose a little that day in Cozumel. Craig Jr. was on a mission to cheer him up. Mission accomplished! He woke up the next day, wondering how he got back to his cabin, and how he hurt his thumb!!! Believe it or not, MY SON got him back on the right ship! Don’t bothering asking Alan the details – he doesn’t know!!!)

Be listening again to


for details about the 2009 Cruise.

They, too, gave away a


They’ll be doing it again, so listen.

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THE CWB wants to keep sailing,

so be sure and come with us next year in


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3rd Annual MAKING WAVES Cruise


The Craig Woolard Band,

DJ Ray Scott and 94.9 The Surf,


Fat Harold,

Sail date for 2009

January 29, 2009 – February 2, 2009



Leaving out of JACKSONVILLE, FL

hosted once again by the lovely

Judy Collins of Judy’s House of Oldies.

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“I’ve Got a Feeling We’ll Be Cruising Together Again…..

See you on board the ship – we will be Making Waves!


The Craig Woolard Band